Algaedyne Corporation is a biotechnology start-up venture focused on achieving the commercial production of algae.  Algaedyne Corporation was formed on January 25, 2008 as a Minnesota C Corporation.  The Corporation owners include Toby Kinkaid (Inventor); Earth Renewable Investments, LLC (wholly owned by three Minnesota residents); and Harris Companies headquartered in St. Paul.  In addition, there are smaller investments by the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation and Minn-Cal Investments, LLC.

The mission of Algaedyne Corporation is to provide cost competitive systems for the production of quality algal biomass while also realizing a positive impact on the environment.

The vision of the company is to license and construct algal growth facilities focused on specific environmental and economic conditions.  The plants will be located in close geographical proximity to the source of CO2, waste water, nitrates, phosphates and other nutrients.  The algal species utilized will produce products for local end users and not produce an environmental risk.